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The Ensemble seeks to connect and inform all people who are committed to ensemble music education for youth empowerment and social change.

Out of the Box Podcast


The only podcast dedicated to music education in India—Out of the Box—has just begun its second season.

Tutti Passeurs D’Arts Forms New Núcleo in Paris


The organization TUTTI Passeurs d’Arts, which supports children in multiple areas of France in experiencing ensemble music, is expanding to add a new program in the city of Paris.

Play the World Game (and Solve the World’s Problems)


If you enjoy games that reward the sort of inventive thinking we do best, we have a doozy for you. And it’s being played on a global stage.

International Day of Peace Concerts


Today is the International Day of Peace, a UN-led initiative advocating for nonviolence, disarmament, and human rights worldwide.

CIM Fellowship Opportunity for Black and Latinx Musicians


Did you know that Black and Latinx musicians currently represent less than 17 percent of U.S. music faculty? The Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) is working to address this imbalance in our field, opening doors through its Future of Music Faculty Fellowship.

Apply for Funding through Globus


Everyone benefits from an international exchange of perspectives and expertise. The Nordic Culture Fund has embraced this sentiment in its new grant program, Globus, which invites artists and cultural actors from Nordic countries and abroad to come together through collaborative projects that address global issues.

European Music Policy Exchange Launches


The European Music Policy Exchange, the brainchild of Music Cities Network and the Center for Music Ecosystems, is hosting the first-ever music policy think tank for European cities.

Sparkplug Foundation Grant for Musicians


Do you have a community-focused project idea that needs a funding boost to take off?

Symphonies for Schools Resources Highlight Deaf Awareness Month


September is Deaf Awareness Month, with International Week of Deaf People having begun on September 19.

Two New Scholarly Books about Our Field


Researcher and author Alix Sarrouy has just published two books relevant to anyone involved in the music for social change field.


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