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Calling All European Musicians: Step up to the Ode to Joy Challenge


This month marks the 200th anniversary of the first performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

Culture Moves Europe Opens Call for Grant Submissions


The second call for Culture Moves Europe is now open, supporting artists and cultural professionals involved in international projects.

ESUSA Musicians Celebrate Ninth Annual El Sistema Residency


The King School and Project Music just wrapped their Ninth Annual El Sistema Residency, hosting a cluster of east coast–based El Sistema USA programs for a weekend of musical exchange and performance.

Journeying to New Communities through Cinema


On May 14, 2017, we were on our way to Tinglayan, Kalinga in the Northern Philippines to screen films and teach filmmaking to young people—a five-hour drive from our base in Tuguegarao City. It had been five months and three film workshops since we’d founded the North Luzon Cinema Guild; Tinglayan Film Camp was our first collaboration with an Indigenous community.

While we were driving downhill on the foot of the Cordillera Mountains, the brake pads of our yellow 1999 Toyota Fun Cargo gave out. As we careened down the mountain, an old bus headed uphill came into view. Seeing it was going to be tight, we angled our car toward the side of the road…and kept rolling…

Curation, Not Composition: Strategies for Healthy Collaboration in the Classroom


It was during a choir rehearsal, at age nine, that I decided to become a composer. Choir was an oasis of joy in an otherwise difficult school experience; I simply lived for each opportunity to sing. Since then, it’s been my joy to witness, time and time again, music’s transformative power in community—never more so than in communities of singers, and never more powerfully than when those singers are empowered to compose their own songs.

Singing for a Cooler Planet


Across the U.K., choirs are coming together to raise their voices for change.

B-Me Project Creates Free Scores for Orchestras


The B-Me project has produced a collection of lovely new orchestral scores, which you can now explore and borrow for free.

Youth-Led Research Explores Healthy Music Experiences


A new research project in Scotland is taking its cue from young people.

Sistema New Brunswick Announces Wild Symphony Curriculum


A new music curriculum resource will soon be on its way to orchestral programs across North America.

Beirut Chants Turns to El Sistema


It was not a promising time to be learning or teaching music in Lebanon. The Lebanese pound had depreciated by over 90%, making music lessons a luxury that few could afford. The National Conservatory of Music was mostly non-operational; schools had stopped music classes for lack of funding, and our country’s youth had no means to advance their musical education. In this challenging environment, Father Maatouk turned to the El Sistema model.


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