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Arts Education and Human Capability

Patrick Kabanda, Undercover Artist and Well-Tempered Non-Economist; author of Creative Wealth of Nations

Knowledge, as widely understood, is the engine of modern economic progress. In that sense, education, as part of knowledge, is a driver of economic development. That’s why the idea of “human capital” augmentation is preached so widely in development discourse.


Merging Our ‘Why’ with the Community’s Needs

Armand Hall, Board Chair of El Sistema USA; Executive and Artistic Director of ROCmusic Collaborative

My recent election to the position of Board Chair of El Sistema USA is a great honor for me, especially since I am following in the footsteps of my inspiring friend and mentor Christine Taylor Conda. Since then, I have reflected on how I can best serve the communities that comprise our membership and the greater field of music for social change.


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