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Sistema Europe Seeks Venue Opportunities for Young Ukrainian Musicians


Do you know of a concert hall or organization in Europe that would be excited to host a concert by young Ukrainian refugee musicians and their young Slovenian comrades?

International Arts Education Week


The fourth week of May is International Arts Education Week!

Grant Opportunities for Caribbean Artists


UNESCO and ACP-EU have announced a new grant program: Creative Caribbean – An Ecosystem of “Play” for Growth and Development.

Attend the Cultural Mobility Forum


The international organization On the Move will host its 2022 Cultural Mobility Forum on May 25 (9:00-17:00 EEST) with the theme of Digital Mobility.

Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month


In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we want to share some educational resources for your classroom or community group.

Classical Piano Music by African Composers


Here’s an opportunity to introduce your students or ensemble to African classical music: Rebeca Omordia, an award-winning Nigerian-Romanian pianist, has curated this original playlist of classical piano music by African composers for the BBC’s Classical Music.

From Carnegie Hall, Online Resources for Summer Exploration


Your students’ music education doesn’t have to end with the school year. Carnegie Hall’s Resources for Young Musicians offers young people the chance to freely explore their creativity and musicianship over the summer.

Students Explore Their Family History through Music


An inventive initiative at a Northern Californian music program is connecting young musicians of Central and South American descent with their family heritages.

Six Ways Musicians Can Act against Climate Change


Those who are feeling powerless in the face of climate change, or who have heard that sentiment expressed in their classrooms, might benefit from reading this recent article at The Strad.

Innovative Recovery Program for Seattle-Based Artists


As the creative sector continues to recover from early pandemic times, the city of Seattle is funding a program that helps artists get back to work.


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