‘Aesthetic Perspectives in Evaluation’ Webinar

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‘Aesthetic Perspectives in Evaluation’ Webinar


For all our efforts to quantify and report the results of our arts programs, many of us struggle with zooming out to evaluate our own organizations. An upcoming free webinar hosted by Americans for the Arts might help: “Aesthetic Perspectives in Evaluation” will take place online on May 10 (15:00–16:15 EST). The session will explore how their Aesthetic Perspectives framework can be applied to evaluate socially engaged arts programs, from defining indicators of artistic success to reporting results. The framework’s key idea is worth noting; it disrupts the traditional belief there is only one kind of excellence—musical perfection—by introducing 11 different kinds of excellence for our programs to celebrate and assess, one of which is musical excellence. Registrants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the framework through this introductory webinar before attending the evaluation session. And if you’re interested in more resources for organizational self-evaluation, check out April’s issue of The Ensemble newsletter.


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