The Ensemble seeks to connect and inform all people who are committed to ensemble music education for youth empowerment and social change.

For the Lost Creative


A new resource database, “For the Lost Creative,” is now available to arts students and young professionals looking to take the next steps in their career paths.

Music and Mental Health, from the Mouths of Students


PBS NewsHour’s Student Reporting Lab has taken a fresh look at how music can impact the wellbeing of young people, examining the ways that rhythm, music-making, and songwriting can help young people to self-soothe and express themselves creatively.

Attend the CultureForHealth Report Launch


CultureForHealth, a multi-year project funded by the European Union, has pulled together recommendations from 300 scientific studies and 500+ projects that examine the influence of art and culture on health and wellbeing across Europe.

The Path to Funding


The Peabody Institute has published an open educational resource for early-career artists who want to develop their craft and then find funding for it: The Path to Funding: The Artist’s Guide to Building Your Audience, Generating Income, and Realizing Career Sustainability.

Symphonies for Schools Resources Highlight Deaf Awareness Month


September is Deaf Awareness Month, with International Week of Deaf People having begun on September 19.

Two New Scholarly Books about Our Field


Researcher and author Alix Sarrouy has just published two books relevant to anyone involved in the music for social change field.

Milken Institute Panel on Music and the Brain


How does music impact the brain?

Birdsongs Top the Charts (and Protect Biodiversity)


Last December, an album of endangered birdsongs, Songs of Disappearance, lasted several weeks among the top 50 albums in Australia—besting Taylor Swift, to name one of its contemporaries.

Drake Music Scotland Transforms Music Notation Teaching


The nonprofit organization Drake Music Scotland is proving that technology can be more than a replacement for in-person experience.

Celebrate the Magic of Mali


Google Arts and Culture, a free educational platform partnering with cultural institutions around the world, has published Mali Magic, a digital exhibition of Mali’s rich cultural and musical heritage and the efforts to preserve it.


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