Wellbeing for Changemakers

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Wellbeing for Changemakers


We often talk about prioritizing the wellbeing of the young people and communities we serve, but what about ourselves? A sobering report from The Wellbeing Project, a collaboration between Ashoka, Georgetown University, Impact Hub, Porticus, Skoll Foundation, and Synergos, makes a strong case that the social sector can do better in looking after itself, identifying a disconnect between the value we place on wellbeing and way we put those values into practice. This is a worldwide issue, captured through a multi-year study of over 300 changemakers from 55 countries—including teachers, activists, non-profit leaders, social workers, and healthcare providers. The nature of our work as changemakers can involve long hours in taxing environments, leading to chronic stress, burnout, and depression, all of which are on the rise in the sector. The report urges readers to practice more of what we preach so that we can be fully present for others. Read the full report at Wellbeing Project.


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