‘Because Boys’ Strikes a Chord with Young Men in Australia

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‘Because Boys’ Strikes a Chord with Young Men in Australia


A 16yearold’s song is letting young men in Australia know it’s okay to express their emotions. Because Boyswas written by Rory Phillips as part of the Boys’ Vocal Program in New South Wales. The program has provided a life-changing space for boys who have otherwise been disengaged from school and struggling to connect with their peers. Phillips’ song was written for a friend who took his own lifepart of a growing epidemic for young men in Australia, where three times more males than females committed suicide in 2021, per the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Music programs like these offer essential spaces for boys to feel safe and supported to express their feelings, instilling hope where there may have been none—a reminder that youth programs that center participants’ wellbeing can make all the difference for them.


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