The Conference of the Birds

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The Conference of the Birds


Drawing inspiration from a Sufi poem about a flock of birds searching for the meaning of life, Teach for India has dreamed up a beautifully unique artistic vision of modern India. Promoting liberty, equality, fraternity, and justice, The Conference of the Birds is a Sufi and Hamilton-inspired hop hop production co-created by Teach for India students and alumni and other performing artists. The performance has already premiered in Mumbai and will move to Bengaluru for performances on July 2930, followed by Delhi on August 1213. Tickets are available here. The production is accompanied by a free set of lesson plans,India & I Studies,for students in grades 28 to examine the role of education in shaping India’s future and constitutional values. This is a wonderfully creative project that welcomes all perspectives—even if you can’t attend, we hope you’ll check out this interdisciplinary collaboration as a template for your own community work.


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