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The Ensemble seeks to connect and inform all people who are committed to ensemble music education for youth empowerment and social change.

International Gathering of Researchers in Our Field


The scholarly association SIMM (Social Impact of Music Making), an international research initiative headquartered in Brussels, is hosting its 7th annual “SIMM-posium” in London on December 12–14, 2022. P

New Opportunities from Sphinx


If you’ve been an Ensemble reader for some time, you know about Sphinx. The long-running social justice organization is dedicated to advancing Black and Latinx representation in classical music—and they’ve just opened registration portals for two unique opportunities.

YOLA National Festival 2023 Opens Call for Applications


As the year winds down, summer festival opportunities are already knocking on our students’ doors—including the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s YOLA National Festival.

Changemakers in the Music Classroom


Are you a music educator interested in learning more about technology in the classroom? How about diversity and equity in band programming? These subjects and more will be covered in the Longy School of Music’s Free Virtual Weeknight Workshops series.

From ITAC to ITAAC: Celebrating Teaching Artist Administrators in Oslo


Many artists and teaching artists devote their educational development to artistic study, eschewing (or at least minimizing) the operational learning our field demands. But the ones “brave” enough to transition into administrative positions tend to deliver outstanding results. The reason for this, in my opinion, lies in the arts themselves. The vast set of soft skills developed through artistic instruction, performance, and teaching gives teaching artists strong differentiators in their managerial abilities. It’s just that many don’t yet know it.

Apply for Funding through Globus


Everyone benefits from an international exchange of perspectives and expertise. The Nordic Culture Fund has embraced this sentiment in its new grant program, Globus, which invites artists and cultural actors from Nordic countries and abroad to come together through collaborative projects that address global issues.

‘Creating Healthy Communities’ Gathering


On October 10–11, the University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine is hosting the “Creating Healthy Communities 2022 Convening,” welcoming students, professionals, and organizations who are engaged in the arts, public health, and community development initiatives.

Showing Up as a Global Field: A UNESCO Invitation for Our Readers


We say we are a global field. But are we? An open call from UNESCO—which you may not have heard about—presents us with an unprecedented opportunity to move in that direction.

Giving Voice to the Guatemalan Community


Maria José and Mario have transformed children playing into the serious work of making music and being together. Before they even realize it, children are singing and performing as a common extracurricular activity. They know that Querido Arte is a space where their voices matter.

FilarMed Wins Classical:NEXT Innovation Award


The Philharmonic Orchestra of Medellín (FilarMed) was honored with the Classical:Next Innovation Award in May, celebrating forward-thinking music projects around the world.


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