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The Ensemble seeks to connect and inform all people who are committed to ensemble music education for youth empowerment and social change.

Creating Collaborative Pathways for Expanded Support of CYD


As The Lewis Prize enters a new phase, we are taking the learnings from our grant process, field relationships, and research to create a platform for expanded investment in creative youth development. We’ve designed the Creating Abundance Collaborative, a cross-sector space where practitioners, young people, researchers, philanthropists, and policymakers come together to advance the field through shared learning and pooled resources.

Palestinian Lullabies Capture our Shared Humanity


In a world that seems increasingly divided by our differences, a recent collaboration by international musicians shares an inspirational message of our shared humanity.

Music, Theater, and Collaboration: Creating Common Languages for Joy


Seenaryo has been creating collaborative and imaginative community theater in Lebanon since 2015. We started working in Jordan in 2018, and we ran our first training in Palestine in 2022. While Seenaryo is first and foremost a theater organization, music has always played a big part in what we do.

Celebrate International Arts Education Week


Join UNESCO and the World Alliance of Arts Education in celebrating International Arts Education Week from May 20–26.

(Re)Understanding Creativity


It’s easy for us, as teaching artists, to believe that all humans can access creativity. As the leader of ArtistYear and a practicing teaching artist myself, I understand the inclination. Any notion suggesting otherwise seems to challenge fundamental beliefs about our purpose—if there are people who can’t access creativity, then a place exists where teaching artistry is rendered ineffective. With this line of thinking, however, some nuance in the conversation is lost.

Art Heals: Arts as a basic need in humanitarian settings


I have worked in the humanitarian sector for almost 15 years, in both Jordan and Lebanon, which have the highest refugees per capita in the world. In that time, I’ve learned thousands of life stories: of people who lost their homes, their possessions, and their established lives; of traumatized children and departed loved ones; of extreme health crises, both mental and physical. Yet, despite the hardships they reveal, these stories have always been more about bravery, strength, resilience, faith, and love.

Safe Spaces in Unsafe Places: Talking with Lucas Dols of Sounds of Change


When we last spoke to Sounds of Change Founder and Director Lucas Dols, in 2022, he was hopeful about an upcoming year of growth for the organization… Seventeen months later, the world is no less difficult or overwhelming for young people looking to find their way. With a focus on those who are most affected by violence and displacement abroad, we talked with Lucas about the work Sounds of Change is doing to help.


Foster Invests in the Next Generation of African Music


Foster, a new initiative launched on June 2 by the African Music Library, is expanding opportunities for African music education in primary and secondary schools across the continent.

Celebrate Make Music Day


Today is the 41st annual World Music Day, or Fête de la Musique, a worldwide celebration of free and accessible music.

Apply for the Arts for Good Fellowship


Adults are living longer, but support systems for older adults are not keeping up with this growing demographic. Luckily, arts workers at the intersection of aging and wellbeing are uniquely qualified to step in.


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