Mental Health

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Music, Theater, and Collaboration: Creating Common Languages for Joy


Seenaryo has been creating collaborative and imaginative community theater in Lebanon since 2015. We started working in Jordan in 2018, and we ran our first training in Palestine in 2022. While Seenaryo is first and foremost a theater organization, music has always played a big part in what we do.

Expanding Musical Opportunities for Children


It’s been a decade since we launched the first El Sistema–inspired program in Japan, in the city of Soma, Fukushima Province. Our goal was to offer support, community, and dignity to the children affected by the 2011 tsunami and nuclear accident. Our vision statement at that time was: “Community regenerated by children with life skills through music.”

Since then, we’ve learned a great deal about the needs of the children we serve and the primary outcomes we want to be aiming at. Accordingly, we’ve reshaped the vision statement as follows: “Collaborative society where everyone can be free and creative.”

‘Because Boys’ Strikes a Chord with Young Men in Australia


A 16yearold’s song is letting young men in Australia know it’s okay to express their emotions. Because Boyswas written by Rory Phillips as part of the Boys’ Vocal Program in New South Wales.

Voices of Culture Brainstorming Report: “Youth, Mental Health, and Culture”


The European Commission has set out to show how participation in arts and cultural programs positively impacts youth mental health in a recently published Brainstorming Report, Youth, Mental Health, and Culture.

How Educators Are Recommitting to Mental Health First-Aid Training


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Resources, November 2019


English Language Learner (ELL) students are the fastest-growing student population in the United States—by 2025, an estimated 25% of public school students will be emergent multilingual learners, according to the National Education Association (NEA). Check out some free resources to support ELLs in your program.


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