Resources, November 2019

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Resources, November 2019


English Language Learner (ELL) students are the fastest-growing student population in the United States—by 2025, an estimated 25% of public school students will be emergent multilingual learners, according to the National Education Association (NEA). Check out some free resources to support ELLs in your program. ASCD has gathered resources to help break down current barriers that prevent these students from reaching their full potential. The association’s free e-newsletter, ASCD Express, also provides practical, actionable strategies and information in the education field.

Centering the Work is a new online resource for teaching artists to help align understanding and practices with social justice priorities. Provided by the Teaching Artist Guild (TAG), it is a crowd-sourced repository that celebrates best practices, practitioners, and projects from all over the country to inspire and support expanding our field’s practice. Browse the resources, and reach out to TAG to share additional resources they should include:

Most American teenagers—70%—across gender, racial and economic groups, see depression and anxiety as major problems among their peers, significantly more than they see bullying or drug and alcohol abuse. Teens from low-income households are more concerned about drug addiction, drinking, teen pregnancy and gangs than are more affluent teens. Also, teens in lower-income households are more concerned about the time they spend with parents—four-in-ten say they spend too little time with their parents, compared with about one-in-five teens in households with higher incomes. Read more.  


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