New Orleans Festival Is Activism in Motion

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New Orleans Festival Is Activism in Motion


We thought readers might be interested in a beautiful project with passionate social justice intent from long-term friends of music education for social change. The Birdfoot Chamber Festival in New Orleans has an 11-year tradition of “youthful, rule-bending style,” often interactive, in unusual venues in New Orleans. One of the six pilgrimages in this year’s season features a partnership with The Descendants Project, which is dedicated to preserving and protecting the health, land, and lives of the Black descendant community in Louisiana’s River Parishes. The performance will walk a memorial cemetery for enslaved people as well as threatened land that is known to hold, unmarked, other buried ancestors. Music, movement, storytelling, history, and interactivity with a multigenerational audience will celebrate the past, present, and hopefully an activist future that honors those buried there. Find out more at Birdfoot’s website.


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