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Singing for a Cooler Planet


Across the U.K., choirs are coming together to raise their voices for change.

Youth-Led Research Explores Healthy Music Experiences


A new research project in Scotland is taking its cue from young people.

Action Research in the Western Balkans: Music and Social Reconciliation


Can bringing young people from different cultures together, through arts-related experiences, help to promote understanding, communication, and peace building?

This is a question on the minds of many people working in the global field of arts for social change. Over the past few years, my program, The House of Good Tones in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, has partnered with two other Balkan programs (SO-DO, in Zagreb, Croatia, and the Music Art Project, in Belgrade, Serbia) on a research project designed to explore this question—a particularly important question in our part of the world.

Upcoming Events at SIMM


SIMM, an international music and social impact research network, has announced two events this fall.

Safe Spaces in Unsafe Places: Talking with Lucas Dols of Sounds of Change


When we last spoke to Sounds of Change Founder and Director Lucas Dols, in 2022, he was hopeful about an upcoming year of growth for the organization… Seventeen months later, the world is no less difficult or overwhelming for young people looking to find their way. With a focus on those who are most affected by violence and displacement abroad, we talked with Lucas about the work Sounds of Change is doing to help.


Apply for the European Music Council Fellowship


The European Music Council (EMC) Fellowship Programme welcomes early-career musicians seeking a professional development community.

S+T+ARTS Prize Africa


The potential of the arts and technology to address global issues has gotten the attention of funders around the world. In that spirit, the STARTS Prize is expanding this year to highlight African projects that bring together science, technology, and artistic practice to address social, ecological, and economic challenges.

European Music Industry Taking Steps to Address Gender Equality


Women and gender minorities are significantly underrepresented in music, receiving less recognition, publicity, and funding than their male counterparts; the European Union has been making strides to address this issue thanks to their Gender Equality Strategy 2020–2025, but there is still a ways to go.

Music Leadership Training with Musicians Without Borders


Applications are now open for a free training opportunity in the UK for arts facilitators interested in broadening their methodological toolkit. The program, run in tandem by Leeds Beckett University and Musicians Without Borders, will train participants in the working principles of the MWB music leadership programs that serve people impacted by war and armed conflict.

AIM’s Music Capsules Offer Snapshots of How We Learn


If you’re a teaching artist, or have ever been one, you’ve probably wondered: Should I always take the lead in the learning process? Are there ways students can take the lead sometimes? What’s the best way for my students to learn?

Such questions are often the focus of “The Firebird Fellowship,” the program at the heart of the Academy for Impact through Music (AIM), a global innovation lab for changemakers tackling educational inequality through music education.


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