The Ensemble seeks to connect and inform all people who are committed to ensemble music education for youth empowerment and social change.

The Ambassadors’ Exchange: In Our Own Voices


To complement the “Ambassador (Re)Introductions” published in April, the cohort recorded video introductions for the month of June. Listen to the Ambassadors as they say hello in their native languages, from every corner of the globe.

From Music Rooms to Policy Meetings: Taking Lessons from a Life in Music


In my first Ensemble editorial, I wrote about how opportunities within classical music allowed me to bypass barriers caused by economic inequality in the Philippines. But this unequal distribution of resources still bothers me today, which is why I’m studying political science and hoping to go into policy research after graduation.

With just one year to go at college, I’ve been reflecting on the ways my musical training has influenced how I approach the social sciences

The Ambassadors’ Exchange: May Happenings


This month, the Ambassadors were asked to explore their daily lives in their programs. Our most recent entry explores ideas such as: 1) their daily routines outside of rehearsal; 2) what their rehearsal settings look and feel like; and 3) their relationships with their colleagues/instructors. We hope to share different slices of life from different corners of the world.

The Ambassadors’ Exchange: The Ensemble Ambassador Spotify Playlist


This month, The Ensemble Ambassadors got together and began our first project with our new cohort leader: The Ensemble Ambassador Spotify Playlist. Each Ambassador was asked to submit three songs: a “hype” song, a song we love, and a song that represents our culture or country of origin. In addition to creating the playlist, each ambassador reflected on why we chose our songs; read those perspectives below. Sharing music is an amazing way to connect with new people, so we hope you can check out our playlist!

The Ambassadors’ Exchange: Introducing Your New Ambassadors Program Manager!


Hello, everybody! My name is Pedro Ramos, and I am The Ensemble’s new Ambassadors Program Manager. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, and my parents are from Honduras and El Salvador in Central America.

The Ambassadors’ Exchange: July Program Updates


This month, Ambassadors from around the world check in with updates from the past month and share their hopes for the future.

The Ambassadors’ Exchange: The 2022 Composition Relay


Several of our Ambassadors had become busy with school, concerts, and auditions, and were unable to attend every meeting. Others had to stay up late at night or get up really early in the morning to participate. We asked ourselves: what if we created our entire composition asynchronously, to make it easier for everyone?

Ambassadors Program Updates: February 2022


Here is our first dispatch from our new Ambassador cohort. If you haven’t gotten to meet them yet, here’s your chance!

Ambassadors’ 2021 Online Musical Pen Pal Project


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Deadline Extended: Apply for Our 2022 Youth Ambassador Cohort


Is there a student in your program who possesses a strong voice and connective energy? We want them to join our 2022 Ambassador cohort! Please encourage them to apply for this leadership opportunity. Our Ambassador program has blossomed into a lively, collaborative space for young musicians across the world—language barriers be damned.

We have extended the deadline: Submissions are now due by 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, November 22.


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