Community Building

The Ensemble seeks to connect and inform all people who are committed to ensemble music education for youth empowerment and social change.

Sistema Toronto Celebrates Indigenous Music


A recent project from Sistema Toronto connected students with a local artistic tradition, Métis Fiddle Music, in order to expand their understanding of Indigenous music of the region.

Barrios Orquestados, a Poetic Idea


After nine years of operation, our team wanted to do something big for our tenth anniversary, reminding students of their greater purpose and connection during these challenging times. Happily, we were struck by a poetic idea.

Side by Side Is Finally Back


After two years of digital alternatives, Side by Side 2022 returned to Gothenburg, Sweden over a few sunny days in June.

An Operatic Message from Our Children: Save the Planet!


The challenges of climatic changes, the destiny of our planet, the possibility for new generations to take their future in their hands—these very big ideas inspired my colleague Magali Thomas and me to write a new opera for young people.

GLP Imagined Community Concert: Reunion


During our conversations with them, CMW staff shared that they sometimes struggle to engage families to attend concerts. In considering how best to bring together all CMW families, students, and faculty, we came up with “Reunion,” an imagined concert designed to help CMW unite and celebrate their community’s many cultures and people.

New Orleans Students Lead Second Line to Honor Uvalde Victims


Music’s healing potential was on display in New Orleans last month, as students, teachers, and community members came together to honor the lives lost in the Uvalde school shooting.

Global Make Music Day – June 21


June 21, 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the Fête de la Musique, a worldwide celebration of music as it should be—free and open to all.

Partners in Music Learning Offering Capacity-Building Grants


Music organizations everywhere are working to provide critical services to young people in these turbulent times. For U.S. organizations that are dedicated to that goal but lack the capacity to keep serving young people, Partners in Music Learning can help.

Forbes Under 30 Summit Comes to Africa


In April, the Forbes Under 30 Summit took place in Africa for the first time, bringing together young entrepreneurs and social changemakers across the world.

Black Orchestral Network Launches


Last month saw the launch of the Black Orchestral Network (BON), a collective dedicated to creating an inclusive and equitable orchestral field for Black musicians across the U.S.


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