View Sessions from SEYO SummerFest’s World Ensemble Day

The Ensemble seeks to connect and inform all people who are committed to ensemble music education for youth empowerment and social change.

View Sessions from SEYO SummerFest’s World Ensemble Day


Sistema Europe’s SummerFest 21 featured World Ensemble Day—a two-part presentation that celebrated innovative solutions invented by music-for-social-change programs around the world. Our team gathered short videos from programs around the world, describing and depicting their innovations; all the videos are available to view at The Ensemble. And now, Sistema Europe has made the recording of the WE Day session available for free. The first half explores the video submissions, and the second shows workshop participants devising new solutions to current challenges. View the session on YouTube.

SummerFest 21 also included a workshop led by The Ensemble’s Tricia Tunstall on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and the ways music-for-social-change programs could align their advocacy to contribute to this growing global agreement about how the world needs to develop. It’s a whole new way of thinking about, and advocating for, our accomplishments.


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