Sistema Updates from the United States

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Sistema Updates from the United States


Here are a few new Sistema ideas in the United States, and an invitation to the join the El Sistema USA National Symposium at the end of January:

  • A course at El Sistema Oklahoma, in partnership with Oklahoma City University, called FAME (Future Awesome Music Educators) encourages young people of color to get music teaching experience while young, including during their years in the Sistema program.  They get high level FAME instruction in teaching, and opportunities to practice teaching their peers, while they are a part of El Sistema Oklahoma.  To read more about it, check out the latest issue of The Ensemble
  • You may also want to read Editor Tricia Tunstall’s review of the Sistema year 2018 in North America in the current issue of The Ensemble.
  • MYCincinnati, in Ohio, is expanding its annual Price Hill Creative Community Festival, which has its young musicians partnering with artists in residence to create new work.  They are now adding a Creative Action Residency for a U.S. or international artist who wishes to engage with students around the core question: How is musical practice uniquely qualified to develop human beings skilled in the art of citizenship? The Creative Action Resident Artist will work collaboratively with MYCincinnati’s advanced students to co-create a performance project that directly engages with this core question, and puts the ideals of citizenship into embodied creative practice. The inaugural 2019 Creative Action Resident Artist will be Shara Nova of My Brightest Diamond, and the final work will be premiered at the 2019 Price Hill Creative Community Festival (July 19-20).  The program is supported by Carnegie Hall’s PlayUSA.
  • El Sistema USA has posted the list of sessions for the El Sistema USA National Symposium. International guests are welcome, and there is still time to register to join the annual gathering. The Symposium will be in Detroit on 30-31 January, coordinating with SphinxConnectwhich will take place 31 January – 2 February.

Date Published: 31 December 2018

MYCincinnati contrata Artista Residente de Acción Creativa

MYCincinnati, en Ohio, EE.UU., está expandiendo su Festival Creativo Comunitario Price Hill, en el cual los jóvenes músicos colaboran con artistas en residencia para crear nuevas obras. Ahora están añadiendo una Residencia de Acción Creativa para un artista de los EE.UU. o del extranjero que quisiera explorar con los estudiantes la pregunta clave: ¿Qué cualidades únicas tiene la práctica musical para desarrollar seres humanos talentosos en el arte de la ciudadanía? El o la Artista Residente de Acción Creativa trabajará en colaboración con los estudiantes avanzados de MYCincinnati para co-crear un proyecto y presentación que investiga esa pregunta clave directamente, y pone en práctica los ideales de la ciudadanía de una forma creativa y vivencial. El Artista Residente de Acción Creativa inaugural para 2019 será Shara Nova de My Brightest Diamond, y se estrenará el trabajo final en el Festival Creativo Comunitario Price Hill de 2019 (19-20 de julio). El programa está apoyado por PlayUSA de Carnegie Hall.


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