The Ensemble seeks to connect and inform all people who are committed to ensemble music education for youth empowerment and social change.

The Ambassadors’ Exchange: Getting to Know Each Other


Our Ambassador cohort has been getting to know one another in preparation for our upcoming Pen Pal Project! Here are some of their reflections and first impressions of cross-cultural commonalities through music.

The Ambassadors’ Exchange: July Program Updates


This month, Ambassadors from around the world check in with updates from the past month and share their hopes for the future.

The Ambassadors’ Exchange: June Program Updates


This month, Ambassadors from around the world check in with updates from the past month and share their hopes for the future.

The Ambassadors’ Exchange: The 2022 Composition Relay


Several of our Ambassadors had become busy with school, concerts, and auditions, and were unable to attend every meeting. Others had to stay up late at night or get up really early in the morning to participate. We asked ourselves: what if we created our entire composition asynchronously, to make it easier for everyone?

Sharing Peace with a Piece


We want to create a piece that sings, “We don’t want war and greed.” We want peace. In that spirit, our piece is a symbol of solidarity with those who are living through war in their home countries. War has ravaged many nations, including places where fellow Ambassadors live.

The Ambassadors’ Exchange: April 2022 Updates


The 2022 Ambassadors are excited to bring you news from several different pockets of the world! This month, we share updates about recent performances and some especially thoughtful reflections on the meaning of music in our lives. We hope that you take the time to read our articles.

The Ambassadors’ Exchange: Designing Our New Logo


This month, The Ensemble Ambassadors worked together to create a logo that represented the heart and spirit of the program.

Ambassadors Program Updates: February 2022


Here is our first dispatch from our new Ambassador cohort. If you haven’t gotten to meet them yet, here’s your chance!

Introducing The Ensemble’s 2022 Ambassador Cohort


The World Ensemble Ambassadors are a group of youth musicians representing different Sistema-based programs around the globe. We are pleased to announce the third cohort of Ambassadors, who hail from eight countries and nine programs. Get to know them below!

Ambassadors’ 2021 Online Musical Pen Pal Project


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