Symphonies for Schools Resources Highlight Deaf Awareness Month

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Symphonies for Schools Resources Highlight Deaf Awareness Month


September is Deaf Awareness Month, with International Week of Deaf People having begun on September 19. To honor the Deaf community, the L.A. Philharmonic’s free online resource Symphonies for Schools has expanded their online curriculum in the U.S. A three-part curriculum, “Music & Deafness,” is designed to teach elementary-aged (ages 9–12) students about Deafness, Deaf culture, and Deaf artists, and can be used by teachers to help raise awareness about different hearing abilities and collaboration possibilities in music. Another online curriculum for secondary school students (ages 12–18), “Power to the People,” offers students ways that they can translate their artistry into community engagement and social change. Both resources can be accessed by teachers, parents, and students through this online registration form.


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