New Essay and Podcast Series from The Lewis Prize

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New Essay and Podcast Series from The Lewis Prize


The Lewis Prize for Music, which supports Creative Youth Development organizations through their annual Accelerator Awards program, has developed two new series that share insight and personal experience from leaders in the field. Their Wholistic Homecomings Essay Series shares the experiences of 2021 Accelerator Awardees, offering insight into how they used collaborative and creative thinking to sustain their organizations and create spaces where youth and families could thrive during the pandemic.

The Lewis Prize will also be working with Save The Music Foundation to produce a youth-centered podcast series focusing on racial equity, social justice, and collective action. In addition to checking it out, those with experience in audio production and youth work may be interested in reading their RFP for a Podcast Producer, offering up to $25,000 to produce an eight-episode podcast to launch in September 2022.


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