The Lewis Prize for Music Announces 2022 Awardees

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The Lewis Prize for Music Announces 2022 Awardees


The Lewis Prize for Music, which partners with leaders in diverse and vibrant communities who invest in young people through music, has announced the winners of its 2022 Accelerator Awards. The awards are given to Creative Youth Development organizations that prioritize music as a resource for achieving equitable individual and community strength, voice, and agency; they come with a $500,000 grant aimed at providing multi-year support. This year’s winners are INTEMPO (Stamford, CT), led by Angelica Durrell; RYSE Youth Center (Richmond, CA), led by Kimberly Aceves-Iñiguez and Kanwarpal Dhaliwal; The Heartbeat Music Project (Crownpoint, NM – Navajo Nation), led by Sharon Nelson; and We Are Culture Creators (Detroit, MI), led by Michael Reyes and Elizabeth Stone.

The Lewis Prize also announced the 2022 winners of their Infusion Awards, which provide single-year support grants of $50,000 to CYD leaders and programs, and their Catalyst Awards, which provide $25,000 grants. In total, over $2 million was awarded to these change-makers and their innovative programs; view the entire list of winners and semi-finalists, with detailed descriptions, at the Lewis Prize website.


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