SIMM Announces Upcoming In-Person Gatherings

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SIMM Announces Upcoming In-Person Gatherings


SIMM (Social Impact of Making Music) is an independent international scholarly association, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Belgium, whose main research focus is the possible social impacts of learning and making music. They are issuing calls for interested participants to join several gatherings. Please note the upcoming deadlines for responding:

  • A SIMM-seminar at Royaumont Abbey in France, Oct. 30–Nov. 1, will bring together both researchers and practitioners in the field of music in social and community work. The call can be found on their website, and the deadline to express interest is May 31.
  • The 6th international SIMM-posium will be held at the Philharmonie de Paris, November 2–3. It will possibly be available through live stream as well. The call for participations and presentations can be found here on their website; the deadline to apply is May 31.
  • A SIMM-seminar in Porto, Portugal, Dec. 6–9, will have a research focus on music programs in detention settings. The call will be issued in June, but those interested can contact SIMM beforehand. Learn more on their website.

On the SIMM website, you can find a wealth of materials about their members’ research and presentations, including SIMM-podcasts and recordings of the 5th  SIMM-posium sessions, held virtually this year from January to March.


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