International SIMM-posium on Researching the Social Impact of Music-Making

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International SIMM-posium on Researching the Social Impact of Music-Making


The 5th annual SIMM-posium, scheduled for December 18–19, 2020 in Brussels, will bring together researchers and practitioners involved in critical research on the social impacts of music-making (SIMM). This annual international meeting builds a professional network of researchers who work to deepen our understanding of active participatory music-making—specifically its social benefits across diverse groups and contexts. This year’s SIMM-posium is organized in collaboration with (and at) the Brussels Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR). SIMM’s international research platform operates as an independent scholarly association and involves institutional partners in various countries and continents. SIMM also works on collaborative research training seminars as well as the development of international comparative research, under the guidance of international experts in the field.

Practitioners and policymakers interested in research are invited to apply to attend, though formal presentations are limited to those actively involved in research. The deadline for proposals and expressions of interest is June 1, 2020. Applications should be sent to Alexandra GelhayMore information is available online.


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