Best Creativity Programs in Music Education in the U.K. Profiled

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Best Creativity Programs in Music Education in the U.K. Profiled


Dr. Lorrie Heagy, founder of the El Sistema-inspired program Juneau Alaska Music Matters (JAMM), in the U.S., was awarded a Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching to pursue her research in the United Kingdom from January to June 2019. She has created a website to share her knowledge of programs she observed and studied and to serve as an online guide to best practices from music education programs in the U.K. The website includes media-rich resources that help students develop music skills, creativity, student agency and identity through music-making. The Creativity section shares tools from Musical Futures’ Songwriting workshop, Classroom Workshopping from Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Figurenotes and Inclusive Music Technologies from Drake Music Scotland, improvisation techniques from the University of Strathclyde and resources on how Scotland is integrating creativity skills into their school curriculum. Return to the website soon to see the next section dedicated to Student Agency.


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