New Way to Make Your Program Visible

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New Way to Make Your Program Visible


Most El Sistema-inspired programs publish short profiles of students in newsletters and other communications—it’s a great way to personalize programs for the community, families and friends and funders. Focusing on the young people and their achievements makes the value of support more real and heartfelt.

House of Good Tones in Srebrenica, Bosnia, is trying something different. Instead of short blurbs about students, they are creating monthly biographical articles about students. Each article is published on their website and collectively published at the end of the school year. As Artistic Director Ismar Poric describes, “Srebrenica is a very difficult place to grow up, and through the stories we want to present how music has helped our students and their families, how it has changed their lives.” See what their extended profile looks like; maybe something for your local program to try? Meet Violeta.


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