October 2022

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In Navajo Nation, the Beating Heart of Community


Spanning over 27,000 square miles across parts of Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, Navajo Nation is the largest Native American reservation in the United States. A land mass greater than ten states, it is home to over half of the Navajo Nation’s 400,000 enrolled people. This enormous population comprises countless diverse communities, each with deep artistic roots. And yet, despite this cultural richness, Navajo Nation had never been home to free, accessible youth music programs…until about six years ago.

Growing Orchestras across Bolivia


In all of Bolivia, we have just two semi-professional orchestras. One of them was founded this year in the city of Cochabamba, which does not even have a theater that can accommodate a large symphonic concert. In fact, there are only four such theaters in the entire country. 

Yet music perseveres.

From ITAC to ITAAC: Celebrating Teaching Artist Administrators in Oslo


Many artists and teaching artists devote their educational development to artistic study, eschewing (or at least minimizing) the operational learning our field demands. But the ones “brave” enough to transition into administrative positions tend to deliver outstanding results. The reason for this, in my opinion, lies in the arts themselves. The vast set of soft skills developed through artistic instruction, performance, and teaching gives teaching artists strong differentiators in their managerial abilities. It’s just that many don’t yet know it.

Tutti Passeurs D’Arts Forms New Núcleo in Paris


The organization TUTTI Passeurs d’Arts, which supports children in multiple areas of France in experiencing ensemble music, is expanding to add a new program in the city of Paris.

Ten Years


Ten years is a powerful time span for many things, from children to marriages, partnerships to memoirs; the roundness of a decade has powerful meanings. In our field, it tends to signify the completion of two very important cycles. First, it represents our first generation of students (programs often start working with students when they are 7–9 years of age, meaning that many of those initial students are now graduating from high school).

Play the World Game (and Solve the World’s Problems)


If you enjoy games that reward the sort of inventive thinking we do best, we have a doozy for you. And it’s being played on a global stage.

The Ambassadors’ Exchange: October Updates


This month, the Ambassadors check in with updates from around the world. Read on to learn about what they’re playing, learning, and hoping for in the coming months.


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