Tutti Passeurs D’Arts Forms New Núcleo in Paris

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Tutti Passeurs D’Arts Forms New Núcleo in Paris

Some of the first students at TUTTI Paris Saint-Vincent. Photo: TUTTI P’asseurs d’Arts.

The organization TUTTI Passeurs d’Arts, which supports children in multiple areas of France in experiencing ensemble music, is expanding to add a new program in the city of Paris. Orchestre TUTTI Paris Saint-Vincent, in the Gare du Nord district (10th arrondissement), is welcoming children and young people of the neighborhood to free, all-accessible ensemble music education. The new program, which began in September, is led by Verna Kaunisto and is in partnership with the Maison des Jeunes Saint-Vincent de Paul. Its aim is to broaden young people’s cultural horizons by providing intensive instrumental instruction and the experience of playing in an orchestra and under the direction of a team of experienced and passionate teaching artists and musicians. For further information, please contact vkaunisto@passeursdarts.org.


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