Batuta and Berklee Join Forces

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Batuta and Berklee Join Forces

Performers share the stage for a bow, met with a standing ovation from the crowd at Bogotá’s Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo. Photo by Juan Diego Castillo

Fundación Nacional Batuta has begun a collaboration with Berklee College of Music that will benefit young people and teachers throughout Colombia.  After a visit to Bogotá, Roger Brown, president of Berklee, voiced his support of a collaboration between Berklee and various Colombian cultural institutions.  As a result, “Berklee Latino” will return for a second time, offering workshops in Latin music, teacher training, and coaching in musical entrepreneurship.

The partners will also work together to create opportunities for Berklee groups to perform in Colombia and promote new projects to attract other institutions.  The hope is that these initiatives will have a social impact and will strengthen the support for high quality music, taking advantage of Colombia’s extensive musical and cultural heritage.  For more about this project, check out this article by Mark Small:

Date Published: 1 July 2017


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