A Recommended Dose of Music

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A Recommended Dose of Music


The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST), with the support of music streaming service Deezer, has published research-informed guidelines on a daily “dose” of music to achieve various mood states. With over 7,500 people surveyed, research revealed that 88% of people use music in their daily lives to support health and wellness outcomes—particularly to relax. After only 13 minutes of curated music listening, 84% of listeners reported a reduction in negative thoughts, 82% reported improved sleep, and 79% reported reduced muscle tension. The study also looked at the best musical qualities for experiencing happiness, processing sadness, and aiding concentration. On average, listeners reported noticeable changes in their mood after 13 minutes of music listening. Curious to experiment with these results yourself? Try creating your own playlist or check out some of the curated playlists from researcher Lyz Cooper for free on Spotify. You can read the full study on BAST’s website.


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