Op-Ed: ‘Young People Need Music Education More than Ever Before’

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Op-Ed: ‘Young People Need Music Education More than Ever Before’


This recent op-ed at The Hechinger Report, by Henry Donahue (Executive Director, Save The Music Foundation) and Dalouge Smith (CEO, The Lewis Prize for Music), feels like the call to action we’ve been waiting for as schools recalibrate post-lockdown. An unacceptable number of students in the U.S.—about 4 million, according to the 2022 Arts Education Data Project—have no access to music programs in their schools. And that number is liable to grow as federal Covid relief funding winds down. As schools work to establish a new normal, Donahue and Smith call on local governments, the music industry, and the philanthropic sector to step up funding for arts programs.

If you share this sense of urgency, please share this article with your networks and local legislators. Let’s make our voices heard in this critical moment.


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