The Lewis Prize for Music

The Ensemble seeks to connect and inform all people who are committed to ensemble music education for youth empowerment and social change.

New Report and Upcoming Events from The Lewis Prize


The Lewis Prize for Music’s recent “Producing Well-Being Report is chock full of evidence that Creative Youth Development programs hone essential leadership skills in young people and help set them up for professional success.

Free Creative Youth Development Workshops


The Lewis Prize for Music’s Creating Abundance Collaborative is hosting two virtual workshops to level up the field of creative youth development, with a focus on career-readiness and wellbeing.

Want to Amplify Youth Voices? Give Them a Podcast Mic


In mainstream media, youth voices are widely absent, overlooked, or sensationalized. Youth on Record (YOR) aims to address this gap through our creative youth programming, including its Podcasting Production Internship. The program seeks to foster a supportive environment where young people explore creative storytelling and produce podcasts that amplify their voices and ideas.

The Lewis Prize Launches Blank Note Podcast


The Lewis Prize for Music has launched a new podcast, The Blank Note, in partnership with Save the Music Foundation.

The Role of Music in Language Revitalization in Juneau, Alaska


With fewer than 15 fluent Lingít speakers left in the world, there is an urgent initiative to revitalize and sustain this language of the native Alaskan people in this area. In 2021, JAMM began to partner with elders in the Lingít community, and also with a number of organizations—Sealaska Corporation, Sealaska Heritage Institute, Goldbelt Heritage Foundation, Douglas Indian Association, Juneau Arts and Humanities Council, and the University of Alaska Southeast—with the goal of integrating Lingít language, values, and culture into its established violin program.

Impactful Creative Youth Development


During my 20-plus years of being an arts advocate and leader of music for social change work, I have repeatedly returned to this question: “How can we best convey the scope and complexity of our field’s impactful work to funders and policymakers?” 

I’m confident this is a question many Ensemble readers also ask. Communicating the many benefits for young people, families, and communities that result from our work is more complex than a sound bite.

The Lewis Prize Awards Over $3 Million to CYD Organizations


The Lewis Prize for Music has partnered with Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies to award over $3 million across 24 Creative Youth Development (CYD) organizations.

New Lewis Prize Report Examines Youth Music in Rural Areas


How do youth-focused music projects differ in urban and rural areas, and where are their connecting points? The Lewis Prize for Music sought out five organizations serving rural communities across the U.S. to answer this question.

Applications Open for The Lewis Prize’s 2024 Accelerator Awards


The Lewis Prize for Music is now accepting applications for the 2024 Accelerator Awards.

Op-Ed: ‘Young People Need Music Education More than Ever Before’


This recent op-ed at The Hechinger Report, by Henry Donahue (Executive Director, Save The Music Foundation) and Dalouge Smith (CEO, The Lewis Prize for Music), feels like the call to action we’ve been waiting for as schools recalibrate post-lockdown.


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