Music’s Role in Covid Recovery

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Music’s Role in Covid Recovery


Recent research is highlighting music’s capacity to support those who are suffering the effects of Covid. “Therapeutic Potential of Music-Based Interventions on the Stress Response and Neuroinflammatory Biomarkers in COVID-19: A Review,” published in Music & Science in January, presents a review of 84 research studies that draw associations between music engagement, stress response, blood-brain barrier integrity, inflammation, and neuropathology, offering substantial evidence that music can reduce Covid’s harmful effects. If you don’t have time to read through the entire study, Ludwig Van provides a good summary on their website.

And in Wales, a new program has taken a unique approach to treating Covid-related breathing issues: opera singing. The Wellness with WNO program, launched by the Welsh National Opera and the NHS Wales Health Boards, guides those suffering from long Covid through a six-session online series focusing on breath control, lung function, circulation, posture, and emotional wellbeing. The impact has been significant: participants are reporting improvement in their emotions and confidence and a reduction in anxiety, depression, overthinking, and panic. These types of collaborations between musicians and healthcare providers are growing fast in the U.K. due to substantial support from the National Health System. For those of you working in healthcare, here is proof positive that programs like these can make a difference in your community.


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