Attend the CultureForHealth Report Launch

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Attend the CultureForHealth Report Launch


If you work at the intersection of culture and health in Europe, here’s an opportunity to evaluate your efforts against the field’s best practices. CultureForHealth, a multi-year project funded by the European Union, has pulled together recommendations from 300 scientific studies and 500+ projects that examine the influence of art and culture on health and wellbeing across Europe. The fruits of their labor will be revealed on November 24 (10:00-14:30 CET) at the online launch of the CultureForHealth Report, bringing together policymakers, arts and culture practitioners, researchers, and health and wellbeing experts. An open talk will follow the presentation, during which participants can connect with practitioners from different countries and discuss how the report’s recommendations can be put into practice. This is an opportunity to expand your interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration; to join the free event, register online at CultureForHealth.


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