Kakuma Sound Cultural Festival Celebrates Refugee Communities

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Kakuma Sound Cultural Festival Celebrates Refugee Communities


In Kenya’s Kakuma Refugee Camp, one of the oldest and largest refugee camps in the world, you will find over 30 distinct refugee communities among the camp’s nearly 200,000 inhabitants. The camp’s identity is indelibly tied to the musicians who live there—they have played a critical role in creating a wider sense of community among the residents despite inter- and intra-communal tensions. The UNESCO-Kakuma Sounds Project was created to promote these activities and celebrate the camp’s many cultures, as well as expand the musical resources available to those living there. In July, the project hosted the UNESCO-Kakuma Sound Cultural Festival, showcasing the traditional music and dance of 20 different nationalities from across Africa. The festival also marked the opening of a recording studio, which included the donation of traditional music instruments that have long been sorely missed by local musicians. If you are interested in learning more or sponsoring an instrument, head over to Kakuma Sound’s website.


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