Apply for Funding through Globus

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Apply for Funding through Globus


With every issue, we see hyper-local issues resonate with musical colleagues all over the world. Everyone benefits from an international exchange of perspectives and expertise. The Nordic Culture Fund has embraced this sentiment in its new grant program, Globus, which invites artists and cultural actors from Nordic countries and abroad to come together through collaborative projects that address global issues. The current call for applications is open through October 3, awarding up to DKK 700,000 ($98,000 USD) for projects that have a clear link to the Nordic region and can be applied on a broader scale. Projects must use art and culture to develop public spaces, transcend community differences, and create new opportunities for democratic engagement—sound familiar? The call is open to individuals, groups, associations, companies, public and private sector organizations, and institutions worldwide. The fund will launch a call for applications on an annual basis.


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