Attend the Cultural Mobility Forum

The Ensemble seeks to connect and inform all people who are committed to ensemble music education for youth empowerment and social change.

Attend the Cultural Mobility Forum


Regardless of the pandemic restrictions in your area, opportunities for international connection abound; digital platforms are growing as a preferred way of sharing and collaborating in these pandemic times. In light of this sea change, the international organization On the Move will host its 2022 Cultural Mobility Forum on May 25 (9:00-17:00 EEST) with the theme of Digital Mobility. The day-long forum will explore the benefits and challenges of implementing online programming during the pandemic, as well as ways that digital platforms can help address industry-wide inequalities and provide more inclusive and sustainable opportunities for artists around the world. You can register to attend online or attend in-person at Nordic Culture Point in Helsinki, Finland. And if you’re looking to increase your activism in other ways, check out On the Move’s website—it’s filled with resources that support artistic mobility projects, including more than 60 national and regional funding guides for artists.


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