Education at Carnegie Hall: Ways to Join from Everywhere

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Education at Carnegie Hall: Ways to Join from Everywhere


Some of Carnegie Hall’s education programs are available for El Sistema partners around the world—especially their biggest program, Link Up. This film introduces several of their education programs. In the film, you will learn about Carnegie Hall’s deep commitment to supporting music teachers, who they believe are the key to expanding and deepening music learning around the world. You will also see Alejandro Beltran, from the El Sistema-inspired program Tocando in El Paso, discuss his program’s work with Carnegie Hall.

El Sistema-inspired programs in several countries have joined Link Up. This website describes Link Up in more detail.

And while you are looking into Carnegie Hall programs, give yourself the delight of meeting the Lullaby Project. Several El Sistema programs in the U.S. and around the world already participate. This program works with pregnant or new parents to help them create an original lullaby for the baby—strengthening the bond between parent and child, with improved health outcomes for both.