Join the Fair Saturday Movement

The Ensemble seeks to connect and inform all people who are committed to ensemble music education for youth empowerment and social change.

Join the Fair Saturday Movement


Fair Saturday is something you might want to consider next year as an activity with your program.  It is a global grassroots arts effort to combat rampant commercialism. Black Friday (the day following the secular holiday Thanksgiving in the United States) is the biggest shopping day of the year. “Fair Saturday,” the day after Black Friday, aims to create a positive social impact every last Saturday of November.  Artists and cultural organizations from all over the world get together in a global festival following just one requirement: to celebrate and support a social cause of their choice through performances.

This year, Sistema Scotland will be the beneficiary of a Fair Saturday performance. The Dunedin Consort, Scotland’s leading baroque ensemble, based in Edinburgh, will dedicate their concert to support Sistema Scotland. The government of Scotland is piloting an initiative this year to support Fair Saturday by helping to launch a nationwide festival on St. Andrews Fair Saturday, of which the Dunedin Consort’s performance is a part.

As a performer, by joining this celebration to support a cause of your choice, you will…

  • show how proud you are of the work they do.
  • help them spread their message through their communication channels, and give them some time before the show to share the message with the audience.
  • generate funds for the project by freely and voluntarily donating part of the value generated in the event (tickets, donations, etc.).

Fair Saturday is an independent not-for-profit organization (launched in 2015) that is committed to developing a better world through the promotion of arts, culture and social empathy as key drivers of change. To find out more, check out their website.

Date Published: 15 November 2018