Promoting Prosocial Behaviors

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Promoting Prosocial Behaviors


Many Sistema-inspired programs weave service into the life of their nucleos.  Students are expected to help others and assume the responsibility to serve the musical needs of fellow students (and sometimes their social needs, too).  A student in Music for Change (Istanbul, Turkey) once told us that she doesn’t think of what she does in teaching younger students as “teaching” but as “helpfulness.”  A new research study finds that such prosocial behaviors in teenagers have a long-lasting effect.  The research finds pro-social behavior toward strangers increased across early to mid-adolescence and then flattened out during the transition to adulthood. Prosocial behavior toward friends increased steadily and prosocial behavior toward family was relatively stable across adolescence and then increased.  Check out the study here:  Longitudinal Change in Adolescents’ Prosocial Behavior Toward Strangers, Friends, and Family.

Date Published: 19 July 2018


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