Attending Music Performances Improves Well-Being

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Attending Music Performances Improves Well-Being

Scientific research by O2 proves that gig-going can help you live longer and increases wellbeing two times as much as yoga and dog-walking. This photo: Scientists conduct tests during a gig. Copyright: O2

People who teach in Sistema programs believe in the power of making music, and perhaps we should also emphasize the power of attending live music events.  A new study by behavioral science professor Patrick Fagan at Goldsmiths, University of London, and the wireless company O2, finds that attending a live music show every two weeks does twice as much for well-being as yoga, and three times as much as dog-walking.  The report estimates that regular concert attendance could add as much as nine years to your life.  You might want to mention that to students and families the next time you invite your community to attend a performance!

You can read more about the research HERE.

Date Published: 20 April 2018