How To Make a Paper String Instrument

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How To Make a Paper String Instrument


Many Sistema programs worldwide make use of Paper Instruments. Some programs use them when real instruments are unavailable, while others use them as a step in the orchestral learning ladder for young children. One such program, Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program in Boston, has every child in their youngest ensemble, the Mozart Orchestra, create a “paper” violin, viola, cello, or bass. Students use these life-size instruments for two months to learn how to hold and care for instruments, sit together as an orchestra, and follow a conductor. Students sing songs that reinforce good strings posture and technique while pretending to play the colorful instruments.

So how are these paper instruments made? The following video from Mozart Orchestra Director, Maria del Pilar Kelly, shows step-by-step the process for making durable paper instruments. Other programs may have their own way of making paper instruments. This video is Part I (the rest to be published soon).

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Date Published: 25 October 2017