August 2022

The Ensemble seeks to connect and inform all people who are committed to ensemble music education for youth empowerment and social change.

At Brass for Africa, the Debut Is the First Lesson


Our recruitment methods are organic and, of course, optional; teachers put on unofficial concerts that help participants feel comfortable and self-assured in performance settings. As young people share in the vibrancy and joy of making music, they begin to see themselves as musicians.

Showing Up as a Global Field: A UNESCO Invitation for Our Readers


We say we are a global field. But are we? An open call from UNESCO—which you may not have heard about—presents us with an unprecedented opportunity to move in that direction.

Planning for Our Future Building: Intersections of Mission and a New Set of Challenges


The celebration and cheer were well warranted. But the deeper and more challenging effort of this project has been one of bridging—bridging our organizational values with the structures of fundraising and the construction industry.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bore


Guarneri Hall does wonderful work supporting emerging and established artists, striving to make classical music more accessible and celebrated in every kind of community. In many ways, it was a dream pairing for me. My mind danced with visions of the ways my skill set might benefit a collaboration between us. And then I received my assignment.

Rehearsal Mission: AIM-ing for Student Empowerment


In the plan, these Pillars come to life through the students, who personalize the articulation concept in order to motivate their skill-building and artistic performance.

Giving Voice to the Guatemalan Community


Maria José and Mario have transformed children playing into the serious work of making music and being together. Before they even realize it, children are singing and performing as a common extracurricular activity. They know that Querido Arte is a space where their voices matter.

The Ambassadors’ Exchange: Getting to Know Each Other


Our Ambassador cohort has been getting to know one another in preparation for our upcoming Pen Pal Project! Here are some of their reflections and first impressions of cross-cultural commonalities through music.


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