Sounds of Palestine Continues to Thrive

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Sounds of Palestine Continues to Thrive


Sounds of Palestine’s annual Music Summer School started on the 30th of July and lasted three weeks, with more than one hundred children participating. The School provided students with music lessons, orchestra, choir, music theory lessons, art workshops, and swimming, as well as healthy home cooked meals and fruit daily.

At the end of the Music Summer School, students gave two concerts and received a certificate of successful participation for the 2016–2017 academic year. Furthermore, volunteers who participated in the summer camp were honored, including young Palestinian music students Maestro Thomas Kanitz and violinist Ryuko Reid.

Sounds of Palestine started the new semester with a new group of 1st-graders, called “Jilya,” named after a Palestinian village.  The new children come from  Deheisha Camp, Azzeh Camp and Aida Camp, and from the village of Alkas and various parts of the Bethlehem district. During their first days, students listened to the sound of the different instruments, chose an instrument by coloring the instrument of their choice, and got to know all the rooms of the building through a discovery game. Then the children colored their ‘paper instruments’ which they used during their first weeks, before changing to real instruments.  To see photos from these first few days of Jilya, click here.

And then watch a video of Al- Majdal concert below:


Date Published: 9 December 2017


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