Quarantunes Playlist from The Ambassadors

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Quarantunes Playlist from The Ambassadors

Axielle Miel, Ambassadors Program Leader, Philippines


Though we enjoy getting to report about each of our programs on The World Ensemble, we Ambassadors have agreed that this routine has gotten quite monotonous. Two weeks ago, we met over Zoom for the first time to discuss what we could do a group for this month’s issue. The result––a collaborative playlist of songs that had gotten us through the brunt of COVID-19. We share these “Quarantunes” with you so that you may hear the melodies that meant the most to us these past few months. Keep an eye out for our future projects!

You can listen and follow the playlist on Spotify here:

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Stephen Ongoma, Kenya

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Mary Nakacwa, Uganda

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Pedro Ramos, U.S.

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