Body Percussion a Big Hit in Japan

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Body Percussion a Big Hit in Japan


Body percussion is a simple and effective way of engaging diverse audiences in music-making. Professor Toshiyuki Yamada of Japan’s Kyushu Otani Junior College, one of body percussion’s pioneers, will present his work at the University of Oxford in March. The presentation will include a performance that includes Yamada’s own compositions along with teaching tips for body percussion activities. Yamada originally developed his technique as way to engage students who were having trouble concentrating in class. More than 30 years later, his compositions have been showcased internationally in Asia, Europe, and at New York’s Carnegie Hall. In addition to heralding the activity’s inclusive nature, Yamada gives credit for the origin of the practice where it’s due—to children. For a look at his work, you can watch performances of his compositions on his YouTube channel, such as this remarkable video featuring both deaf and hearing children alongside the NHK orchestra.


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