New Frontrunners Program Expands Access to Online Learning

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New Frontrunners Program Expands Access to Online Learning


Programs in the Sistema Europe (SE) network have a new opportunity for professional development. The European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO) has invited programs in the SE network to participate in the EUYO’s free online learning program, EUYO Frontrunners. The course was created for EUYO players and recent alumni in high-level conservatory training and/or working professionally as musicians to explore and develop the skills they need to create rewarding and sustainable careers that contribute to the good of society.

The curriculum, designed with the help of global teaching expert (and Ensemble Cofounder) Eric Booth, is divided into four subject areas: Include, Perform, Share, and Sustain. It is a significant innovation for the EUYO to invite Sistema-inspired colleagues to join them in this vision-widening course.


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