El Sistema Greece Takes Part in Country’s Inaugural Refugee Week

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El Sistema Greece Takes Part in Country’s Inaugural Refugee Week


With the number of people seeking refuge worldwide increasing every year, musicians are in a unique position to help newcomers feel welcome and included in their communities. This year, to mark World Refugee Day (June 20), El Sistema Greece took part in the country’s first-ever Refugee Week, celebrating the creativity and resilience of those who have experienced forced migration. Members of ESG’s Kipseli Orchestra offered an introductory lesson on orchestral instruments to children from Unaccompanied Minors Accommodation Centers. Despite not sharing a common language, the children were ready in a matter of hours to perform in an open rehearsal with the orchestra, proving once again that music transcends borders. ESG’s programs regularly engage students living in refugee camps, providing ongoing educational and performance opportunities to support their social inclusion across Greece. Learn more about ESG’s work in this 2021 Ensemble article by Cofounder Anis Barnat and Artistic Director José Ángel Salazar Marín.


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