Kickstarter Addresses Social Inequities in Crowdfunding

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Kickstarter Addresses Social Inequities in Crowdfunding


Kickstarter, Creative Capital, and Skoll Foundation are working together to address social inequities on crowdfunding platforms. The Creative Capital x Skoll Foundation Fund will invest in projects by U.S.-based Asian, Black, Indigenous, and Latinx artists on Kickstarter, the largest crowdfunding platform for cultural projects. Research has shown that creators from these backgrounds face greater barriers in their fundraising efforts, with limited access to community support and a lack of early investors. The fund aims to remove these barriers through targeted investment as well as increased career development support and visibility for funded projects. Funds are awarded to active projects on a rolling basis, following Kickstarter guidelines. This initiative is part of a larger network of Forward Funds—foundations, nonprofits, and organizations that back campaigns aligned with their own vision for a more creative and equitable world. Projects can be nominated for Forward Funds via Kickstarter.


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