Sistema Europe Seeks Venue Opportunities for Young Ukrainian Musicians

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Sistema Europe Seeks Venue Opportunities for Young Ukrainian Musicians


Do you know of a concert hall or organization in Europe that would be excited to host a concert by young Ukrainian refugee musicians and their young Slovenian comrades? Music for the Future is a social project “charged with the superpower of music,” initiated by Ukrainian and Slovenian youth orchestras in an evacuation music camp in Llublijana, Slovenia. Their mission is to provide shelter, social support, and further musical development for young Ukrainian musicians forced to flee due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They are seeking performance possibilities for a European “Charity Tour for the Children of Ukraine” in June and July 2022. Their first concert was in Ljublijana on May 11, with Gidon Kremer as guest soloist.

Sistema Europe is a main partner in this tour, along with UNICEF and European Mozart Way, and is issuing an open call to all SE members: “We ask you to consider this charity concert tour, and propose that you also help by contacting the concert organisations in your cities, and beyond, to suggest hosting this extraordinary initiative. We should all do this as soon as possible…Let’s all join in and contribute to show our solidarity!” Sistema Europe Association can be contacted at


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